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Past, Present And Future, Book I

Billie Jean
The Way You Make Me Feel
Black Or White
Rock With You
She's Out Of My Life
I Just Can't Stop Loving You
Man In The Mirror
Beat It
The Girl Is Mine
Remember The Time
Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
Heal The World

HIStory Cover

Released in 1995
Scream (With Janet Jackson)
They Don't Care About Us
Stranger In Moscow
This Time Around
Earth Song
Come Together
You Are Not Alone
Tabloid Junkie
2 Bad
Little Susie

With his 5th EPIC solo album, Michael Jackson released HIS story on disc. The double album is a greatest hits compilation with 15 brand new songs. 3 of the 15 greatest hits are coming from his first album, Off The Wall . 5 songs are taken from the biggest selling album of all time, Thriller . 4 songs are on it, which were released on the Bad album. The last 3 songs are from the latest album, Dangerous.

For the new material Michael Jackson teamed up with the best of the bests including Dallas Austin, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, R. Kelly, David Foster and his MJJ Productions staff. Also on the album are rapper The Notorious B.I.G. and guitar hero Slash. Most of the songs are written & produced by himself.

This album's completley different from his older ones. The sound has changed so much since 1991. The songs are very angry and personal. He sings about big issues like police brutality, injustice, world destruction and child abuse. You often have the feeling, that he wanted to take revenge for all the things of the past like the child abusing scandal in 1993, the tabloid stories....Michael spent never before so much time in the studio to create this record.

To promote his album, SONY put big statues (like on the album cover) all around the world. The first single that was released was a vocal duet with his sister, Janet Jackson, called Scream (#5 on the pop charts). The short film for the single became the most expensive ever, costing 7 million $. The second single, You Are Not Alone (written by R. Kelly), was the first in history to debut on the #1 spot! In September 1995, Michael appeared on TV and did an incredible 15 minute performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. The next single, Earth Song,was not released in the US, but became his best selling single in the UK. The next two singles, They Don't Care About Us and Stranger in Moscow were both big hits around the world.

For They Don't Care About Us Michael shot 2 videos. The first one was shot in Salvador and Rio de Janeiro/Brazil. Michael is dancing on the streets with the people. They video-crew got a 20-day-ban (reduced to 5-days), because the governemnt was afraid that this video could show the truth of Brazil and could hourt the country's chances to recieve the Olympic Games 2000. The second version was shot in a prison in the US. This one better reflects the song. It's very powerful and includes news footages, disclaimers. The prison version was directed by Spike Lee, who also helped with the Rio-Version.

The #1 album HIStory was, according to an internet chat with MJ, his fastest selling album ever. It sold 7 million copies in the US and 19 million copies worldwide.

On September 7, 1996, Michael Jackson kicked off his 3rd solo world tour in Prague. For more details about the tour go to The HIStory World Tour section.


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