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Bad Cover

Released in 1987
The Way You Make Me Feel
Speed Demon
Liberian Girl
Just Good Friend (With Stevie Wonder)
Another Part Of Me
Man In The Mirror
I Just Can't Stop Loving You
        (with Siedah Garret)
Dirty Diana
Smooth Criminal
Leave Me Alone

Produced by Quincy Jones for Quincy Jones Productions
Co-Produced by Michael Jackson for MJJ Productions

On August 8, 1987, the first single of the first solo album in five years was released, I Just Can't Stop Loving You, a vocal duett with Siedah Garret. It went quickly to #1 on the charts. With the largest advance orders of any album ever, Bad arrived stores on August 31. The same day CBS aired a 90 minute special Michael Jackson: The Magic Returns. It featured his 17-minute short film for the next single: Bad (directed by Martin Scorsee, also starring Wesley Snipes).Also this single went to #1. Jackson had 3 more #1-hits: The Way You Make Me Feel, Man In The Mirror and Dirty Diana. Michael was the first artist to spin off five #1-singles from just one album. The album, reached also #1, sold very well and became the 2nd biggest selling album of history (non-soundtrack) behind Thriller.

For the first time Michael Jackson announced his solo world tour with 127 dates. For more information about one of the largest tours ever go to: The Bad World Tour .

During that period the fans and the media began to call him "The King Of Pop". In April 1988 Jackson released his autobiography Moonwalker (edited by Jaqueline Onassis). Well know for his legendary short films, MJ released a 90 minute movie called Moonwalker. It became the best selling music video in history (sold over 1,000,000 copies), beating The Making of Michael Jackson's Thriller. In May 1989 Jackson released Michael Jackson... The Legend Continues which kicked Moonwalker from the #1 video spot on the charts and became the 2nd biggest selling music video behind it.

US President Bush proclaimed Michael Jackson Artist Of The Decade in a white house ceremony; BMI inaugurated and presented him with the first Michael Jackson Award of Achievement. He also won a Grammy for Leave Me Alone (Best Music Video).Sony honored him as the 80's top-selling artist (110 million records sold).

Now Michael had established himself as the worlds most famous entertainer.


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