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The HIStory World Tour

On September 7, 1996, Michael Jackson kicked off his HIStory World Tour in Prague. 123,000 fans watched the start in Eastern Europe. The tour went thru Eastern Europe & Amsterdam and then went to Asia, Australia & Japan. The first part found its end in a two-concert trip to Hawaii (the only US Dates). In May 1997 the second leg began in Germany. After a large European Tour Jackson did 5 concerts in South Africa. Finally he did 82 shows to 4.3 million fans in 58 cities in 35 countries on 5 continents (Average: 54,878). It is planned to release a home video of the tour. MJ broke several attendance records. He sold more than 600,000 in Germany alone, sold out 5 Amsterdam shows, drew the 1,000,000th fan to the Wembley Stadium in London, sold 335.000+ tickets in Australia, .......

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  • [Munich - July 4, 1997 ]

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