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November 2000 News Archive

November 24, 2000:

New MJ Releases
He has recently completed five new releases for Sony Music. Upgraded versions of Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad and Dangerous will be released worldwide in the next future, all including bonus tracks. HIStory - Past, Present and Future - Book I will also be re-released as a single disc in the USA.

Release dates for all these new records are currently being slated

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Source: PlanetJackson

November 23, 2000:

MJ with Ricky Martin?
Latin singer said in an interview, that he is going to record with MJ:
"In 2001 I'll record a duet with Michael Jackson. At first I wasn't sure about doing it, then Liz Taylor convinced me at the 'Carousel Of Hope'...."

Until now there is no official statement by MJ available

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Source: MJIFC

November 23, 2000:

MJ says New Album out next March
On November 21, 2000, Michael Jackson and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach gave an exclusive interview to a selected group of about 30 reporters at the home of publicist Howard J. Rubenstein in New York, USA. In the interview he talked also about the new album.... Read more here....

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Source: MJNI

November 23, 2000:

The Best Of Michael Jackson released On November 21, 2000, UNI/Motown released 'The Best Of Michael Jackson - The Millennium Collection' again on Audio CD as part of their 20th Century Masters series. Tracklisting:
  1. Got to Be There (Original Single Mix)
  2. I Wanna Be Where You Are (Original Single Mix)
  3. Rockin' Robin
  4. People Make the World Go 'Round
  5. With a Child's Heart
  6. Happy (Love theme from 'Lady Sings the Blues')
  7. Ben
  8. We're Almost There
  9. Just a Little Bit of You
  10. One Day in Your Life
  11. Music and Me

News by: Skywriter
Source: MJIFC

November 17, 2000:

Thriller back to #2
MTV and Rolling Stone magazine made a top-list of the 100 greatest pop songs since 1963. The songs were chosen by 5 Rolling Stone editors and a crew of MTV programmers, producers and researchers and according to them the list is based on songs that had the most influence on popular culture - not necessarily the best songs

Michael has two songs in the Top10 and four in the Top100.
The Top 10:
  1. 'Yesterday' - Beatles

  2. '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction,' - The Rolling Stones

  3. 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' - Nirvana

  4. 'Like A Virgin' - Madonna

  5. 'Billie Jean' - Michael Jackson

  6. 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' - The Beatles

  7. 'Respect' - Aretha Franklin

  8. 'With Or Without You' - U2

  9. 'I Want You Back' - The Jackson 5

  10. 'I Want It That Way' - The Backstreet Boys

All Michael Jackson related placings in the Top 100:
  • #5 'Billie Jean'

  • #9 'I Want You Back' - The Jackson 5

  • #22 'Beat It'

  • #82 'Rock With You'

News by: Skywriter
Source: Rolling Stone, MTV, AP, MJIFC

November 9, 2000:

Thriller back to #2
On November 3 we reportet that Michael Jacksons album Thriller passed the 26-million mark in the US and tied The Eagles Greatest Hits as the best selling album in the US. Today the American Record Industry released a note that this Greatest Hits record surpassed the 27 million mark and pushed Thriller back in the No 2 position and is now leading all alone the top-selling records in the US.

News by: Skywriter
Source: RIAA

November 6, 2000:

HIStory - New Release ?
PlanetJackson reported that on February 6th 2001, Sony Music will release a new Michael Jackson record in America. The record is titled "HIStory - Past, Present and Future - Book I" and will be available as a 1-CD album. It will be a repackaged album consisting of previously available material.

News by: Skywriter
Source: PlanetJackson

November 6, 2000:

Michael Jackson Premieres New Songs To Sony Music
According to PlanetJackson , Michael Jackson will premiere this week songs from his new album to Sony Music USA. Major decisions regarding the release of the new album will follow shortly.

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Source: PlanetJackson

November 3, 2000:

Thriller best-selling album in the USA again
On October 30 the American Record Industrie (RIAA) certified the Thriller-album for sales of 26 (!) million in the US. That means the world biggest selling album is now also the best american selling album, together with the Greatest Hits album of The Eagles, who have also sold 26 million copies.

On the same day the Blood On The Dance Floor / History In The Mix album went to platinum in the US for sales of 1 million

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