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As long as the new album is not released this is the page to get all the information on the new album. If you have any news etc please let me know!

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The biggest selling artist of all-time, Michael Jackson, is working on a new album. In July 1999 Sony Music announced the release date of the millenium-themed album: November 9, 1999. But because of production-delays Sony Music reset the release date. The first single is likely to be I Have This Dream (by MJ/ Carol Bayer Sager / David Foster).

In December 1999 Sony Music posponed the release of the album once more. It was now supposed to arrive in stores in May/June 2000. The first single could be released in April. According to rumours, Michael Jackson has already chosen 4 track who will be on the album. Those four songs were introduced to Sony Music executives. They were deeply impressed and called it "his best work ever". It's just a rumour - but also other people (like Rodney Jerkins) called it MJ's best album ever. So we're excited what will come.....

In early 2k many rumours say that the album will not be released as soon as expected and is postponed until late 2k or early 2001. More release dates came and went, currently the albums release date is set to September 17th/18th, 2001. [ Go To The Latest News for release infos]


As always, Michael worked together with a lot of songrwiters/producers. Which songs Michael will select to appear on the album is unknown (he will only choose about 10-15 songs). Here is a list of people who worked with Michael:

Bruce Swedien is the sound engineer of the album
Rodney Jerkins produced between 25 and 35 songs. The young producers is a new star in the branche ("The Boy Is Mine" by Monica & Brandy, "If You Had My Love" by Jennifer Lopez). In interviews he talked about the work with MJ, saying "that it has always been a dream" for him to work with Jackson. He also said that Michael wanted him to make something, that he hasn't done before.
Carol Bayer Sager & David Foster: They co-produced a song called I Have This Dream, which is supposed to be the first single of the album.
Boyz II Men also worked again with MJ on various songs. They also said in an interview, that MJ is working on a song with them on their new album.
(co-worked on the ballads with Michael Jackson) said in an interview that he has written a song called "Cry".
Lauryn Hill: There are rumours about a duett duett with MJ and the Hip-Hop Queen Hill.Producer Rodney Jerkins said in an interview that he thinks "it's gonna happen".
Puff Daddy
said in an interview, that he co-produced a song with MJ featuring Mase. But he doesn't think that the song will make it on the album, because the other material he heart was so much better.
Devante Swing (former leader of R&B band Jodeci)
Sisqo (leader of R&B band Dru Hill)
Babyface also worked on songs for MJ
Mark C. Rooney has already worked on 3T's album Brotherhood and now for MJ
Monica Mancini recorded a song with Michael
Will Smith recorded a rap solo for one of Michael's songs
DJ Scratch (Hip-Hop Producer) who worked with Busta Rhymes is working with MJ
Missy Elliott said she's teaching Michael to rap and is also working on a song with him.
Desmond Child. The Famous songwriter is working on two songs for Michael
Walter Affanasieff.The LA Times reported he is working with Michael Jacksona on a latin-flavored song called "Fall Again."
Carlos Santana.NY Daily News Columnist Mitchell Fink reported that Grammy Winning Artist recorded a solo for one of the tracks

Latest Album News:

Keep checking the page for more news!

June 22, 2001: Rock my World, the first single from Invincible, is not a duet, says PlanetJackson. The song Michael premiered to Sony Music contains only an intro dialouge with a special guest. Also to date there has been no video done, altough Michael has a special concept and already met with several directors. With regards to the previously mentioned duet with a female singer that has a "y" in her name, this project might not appear on Invincible. As many other collaborations that Michael did for his new album, it could be discarded. As of now, it is not on the album.
by PlanetJackson

June 16, 2001: Today, PlanetJackson revealed more details on the new album, Invincible. The album is packed with strong beats, creative tempos and killer grooves. Throughout the record, the flavor is definitely R&B, but Michaelís own style blends with it in a unique combination. Once again, Michael Jackson has reinvented himself and comes back with an innovative new sound. It contains seven amazing ballads, but also the classic Michael Jackson hit tracks, the signature songs that made him the King of Pop.

  • 2000 Watts: An electric club song that comes in like a whirlwind
  • Unbreakable: Michael's favorite song on the album (probably the first single) it is an uptempo destroyer track.
  • Rock My World: Another huge piece of music, one of the album best tracks and one of Michael Jacksonís surest hits ever.
  • Speechless: Contains a fascinating acapella intro
  • The Lost Children: Like on Speechless Michael Jacksonís voice reaches new heights in the mastery of vocal performance.
  • Cry: A great ballad, co-produced by R. Kelly.

R. Kelly is on of the producers who made in on the album, and so do Rodney Jerkins and Teddy Riley. Another collaboration on Invincible is a posthumous rap cameo by Notorious B.I.G.

by PlanetJackson

June 15, 2001: Sony Music and Michael Jackson have now confirmed the final release date for Invincible. The so long awaited album will be in stores on September 25. According to some unknown sources (this is not confirmed) the first single will be released commercially around Aug. 1, this means we could expect first airplays in the end of July. More details to come as available....
by PlanetJackson

June 14, 2001: After the premiere of Michael Jackson's new album to Sony Music last Tuesday, several leaks occured and rumors started to appear in the media all over the world. Although Michael Jackson wished to keep details on his album secret a few more weeks, it has now become impossible to stop the leak of information. In order to prevent baseless rumors from spreading, Planet Jackson has now released the official information on Michael Jackson's new album.


  • Invincible
  • Unbreakable
  • Heartbreaker
  • Break Of Dawn
  • Heaven Can Wait
  • Rock My World
  • Butterflies
  • 2000 Watts
  • Speechless
  • Cry
  • Shout
  • The Lost Children
  • Don't Walk Away
  • Privacy
  • Threatens (titles in random order)

    As previously stated, Michael Jackson is still undecided about four songs from this selection which might be replaced.

    by PlanetJackson

    June 14, 2001: WKTU Radio in New York let the cat out of the bag this morning when it announced the title of Michael's new album. First it was Off the Wall, then Thriller. He's Bad and Dangerous. He's made music HIStory over and over again. He is in a word ...... INVINCIBLE - that is the title of the new record according to the WKTU DJs.

    This would fit with yesterdays PlanetJackson statement, that the title is one word and starts with the letter "I" - but be carefull: this is not an official fact. WKTU DJs had also an opportunity to preview the album this week, with one calling it "amazing." Expect a "change in the music industry," said morning DJ Michelle Versage.

    by MJNI

    June 13, 2001:

    Tuesday June 12th, Sony Music held a special conference at the Hit Factory studio in New York City to premiere Michael Jackson's new album to Sony Music executives from around the world. Here is what PlanetJackson reported:

    Michael Jackson greeted the exclusive crowd at the studio and then left the audience. 15 songs were premiered during that special session. Michael being very secret about his songs prior to their release, we will not reveal the complete tracklisting details. Besides, there are still four tracks from the selection that was premiered that might be replaced. Michael is still undecided about those four songs.

    The title of the new album is now decided. Michael has chosen to give a spectacular title to his new record. As it is Michael's wish to keep it a secret for the time being, PlanetJackson will only reveal that the album title is one word that begins with the letter "i". And it is spectacular.

    After the exclusive premiere of Michael Jackson's new album, the reaction of the crowd was ecstatic. The new record was described by many as Michael's best work since "Thriller."


    June 7, 2001: PlanetJackson reported that Michael Jackson has completed the recording of his new album, which will be premiered to Sony Music international executives during a special conference in New York next week.

    May 29, 2001: Following up on the American schedule, Sony Music has set the European release date for Michael Jackson's new album to September 17th (or September 24th), that means one day earlier than in the US.

    May 22, 2001: Michael Jackson and Sony Music have now come to a final decision with regards to the release date for the new album. Michael Jackson's new album will either be released on September 18th or September 25th. It is Michael Jackson's will to do his utmost to release the album before September 30th.

    April 19, 2001: Sony Music and Michael Jackson have rescheduled the release of Michael Jackson's new album. The album is now tentatively slated for a release in the USA on September 18th 2001. (A release date for Europe is yet to come.)

    March 20, 2001: Three weeks ago, Carlos Santana received a song from Michael's new album, direct from Michael himself. Michael is hoping that Mr. Santana will add guitar to this track. Mr. Santana has listened to the track, but has made no official decision, as he's very busy working on his own next album, which is scheduled for release in MJNI

    March 20, 2001: The new Michael Jackson album is now being scheduled for release between September and November 2001.

    March 12, 2001: The June 2001 Release Date has been cancelled due to MJ's new recording plans. No new date is yet known.

    February 24, 2001: Fink quotes Michael Jackson's lawyer, John Branca as saying that the album may now even be released later than June: "It's not ready yet," Branca is reported to have said, continuing "and no one's had the heart to tell (Sony Music chief) Tommy (Mottola)."

    Fink claims to have seen Mr. Mottola at a party, and took the opportunity of asking him about the new album's delay. "All I want is another 'Thriller,'" Motolla is reported to have said. "The time it takes doesn't matter. Just get it to me this year and everything will be fine."

    Fink also claims that Carlos Santana spent the 23rd February "in a San Francisco recording studio today putting down a guitar solo on one of Jackson's tracks." Fink believes Michael may have been present at the session.

    Entire report by MJNI

    February 4, 2001: On January 31st, a few Sony Music executives had the privilege to hear three tracks from Michael Jackson's new album. While a handful of music industry professionals were attending a meeting with Tommy Mottola in New York, the Sony Music President premiered three new Michael Jackson songs to his hand-picked audience. This exclusive music was played as an example to demonstrate the power of excellence in quality production, a goal that, according to Mottola, each Sony Music executive should push their artists for. Three songs from Michael Jackson's new album were premiered during the meeting. Only 1 minute of each song was played, consisting of a verse and a chorus. Michael Jackson being very secret about the titles of his songs, this information will remain undisclosed. The first two tracks were up-tempo; the last one was a ballad co-produced by R. Kelly.

    Shortly after this exclusive hearing, Planet Jackson gathered the impressions of one Sony Music executive. Here they are in the heat of the moment: "We are just blown away... This was amazing. The first song we heard was a typical Michael Jackson song. But one of his best, ever. I mean, it's an instant hit. The production on the track is so slick, so smooth, so clean. That's the Michael Jackson you know and love. The melody is very strong. Michael is singing in a jerky, staccato voice. Very unusual. Then we heard the second track... And that was a shock to us, really. The production is futuristic. I mean, I hear a lot of music but that's something I've never ever heard. It's basically a new sound, and it's awesome. I think it's going to be the new trend in music because it's really that huge. I think it's even too new to be the first single off of the album. People will need a little time to be ready for that. The rhythm is so innovative. The man just created a new sound. We were all taken aback, looking at each other, like 'What is this!?'. If I had to describe it, the first thing that'd come to mind would be 'industrial R&B.' That song is going to change things in the way people produce music.

    The last track we heard was a ballad. And that is arguably one of the surest hits I've ever heard. In the business, we call that a 'highway,' meaning that the song is going to the top of the charts on a highway, fast and straight. I see it at the top for twenty weeks or so. It's that good. The voice of Michael is so beautiful. And the melody is original and beautiful. We heard about 45 seconds of it and we were intoxicated. That song is going to be a very big hit. I think that's the Michael Jackson we've all been waiting for and it's definetely going to be worth the wait."

    Entire report by PlanetJackson

    January 25, 2001: Sony Music have rescheduled the new Michael Jackson album to June 26th in the USA and June 25th in Europe (2001). In order to meet this release date, the recording of the new album will have to be over by the end of March.

    January 11, 2001: According to PlanetJackson Sony Music has set a new release date for the new album. The record company still hopes to deliver the album before summer. New working date: April 24 (U.S.) and April 23 (Europe).

    January 9, 2001: According to PlanetJackson, the new album is again postponed. It won't come out at the end of March because Michael is still recording new material for it. Altough the mixing for the other tracks has been finished, the recording goes on. A new release date is in work.

    December 4, 2000: According to PlanetJackson, last week, Michael Jackson and Sony Music have set a release date for the new Michael Jackson album. The new recording is now scheduled for a release on Tuesday March 27th 2001.This working release schedule is for the US market and is subject to modifications.
    The new album is to be released on a record six configurations: CD Album / Cassette Album / Mini Disc Album / Vinyl Album / CD Super Audio / DVD Audio Album

    November 23, 2000:On November 21, 2000, Michael Jackson and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach gave an exclusive interview to a selected group of about 30 reporters at the home of publicist Howard J. Rubenstein in New York, USA. In the interview he talked also about the new album.
    Read the following statements:

  • "My new album should be out in March, I played six songs for Sony Music today and they were walking on air. They applauded. They really loved them. Now I just have to come up with five more.
  • The album is still untitled. But Michael told that the songs are written and produced variously by him with Teddy Riley, R. Kelly and Rodney Jerkins. "But you know I'm in charge," he said, laughing.

    November 6, 2000: According to PlanetJackson , Michael Jackson will premiere this week songs from his new album to Sony Music USA. Major decisions regarding the release of the new album will follow shortly.

    October 5, 2000: According to PlanetJackson, Michael Jackson has finished recording new songs for the upcoming album. Now he started, togehter with Bruce Swedien, mixing the tracks. Michael Jackson and engineer Bruce Swedien are currently mixing the album. If everything is finsihed in time, the album could be exist in a mastering version in spring 2001 and the release date could be the summer 2001.

    September 30, 2000: According to PlanetJackson, the "march 2001" release date for the new album has been postponed! The record could be out in summer 2001.

    June 30, 2000: According to PlanetJackson, the "late 2000" release date for the new album has been definitley canelled! Jackson hopes to bringt out the long awaited record in March 2001!

    April 19, 2000: Successful Danish producers Soulshock & Karlin have been working on the new Michael Jackson album. L.A. based company Soulpower Productions was founded three years ago by Carsten Schack and Kenneth Karlin (a.k.a. Soulshock & Karlin). The team of Danish producers has produced songs for the likes of Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Mary J. Blidge, Monica and 2Pac, and remixes for Madonna, Babyface and Brandy, among others.
    In a recent interview with French magazine "L'Affiche", Kenneth Karlin spoke about the Michael Jackson project. "We first got connected to Michael Jackson when we produced one track on the first Brownstone album, for MJJ Music. Last year, Michael's management contacted us. Michael wanted us to work on songs for his new album. We did two tracks, fast ones. That's what Michael does best. Hopefully they'll be on the new album, but we hear he has so many songs already..."

    April 7, 2000: Yesterday, Rodney Jerkins issued the following statement through his publicist Courtney Barnes.
    "Grammy Nominated producer Rodney Jerkins will continue to produce and write songs for the forthcoming Michael Jackson album as he has for over a year. Jerkins is furious about numerous rumors and stories that have surfaced over the past several weeks claiming he was fired by Jackson. Jeff Kwatinetz, manager for Michael Jackson, upon hearing of the rumor, said 'Of course it's not true. Rodney was not fired. It's just silly internet gossip.' " Today, Planet Jackson talked to Fred Jerkins, Rodney's brother, who is also working on the Michael Jackson project. Here are excerpts from that interview. "This story about Michael firing Rodney is absolutely not true. Rodney has done 12 songs with Michael and Michael will choose some for the album. Right now, Rodney is busy with the Spice Girls project, but he will get back in the studio with Michael some time later. Anyway, Rodney is perfectioning the songs even if Michael is not there. The sound on Michael's album will be totally different from anything Rodney did before. Because Rodney is very versatile. I think the album will be released next year. Actually, maybe this year. We're not sure."

    April 6, 2000: Ooh, Jerk's out! Very reliable sources called, e-mailed, telegrammed, faxed and floated a message-in-a-bottle to tell me that Rodney Jerkins aka "The Darkchild" was no longer producing on Michael Jackson's upcoming return... Sources claim Rodney was fired. But here's the real deal on the mess that messed things up for him. See the Rodney Jerkins production team included family members, a cousin and a brother, etc. Anyway according to sources, the cousin went and tried to shop his own solo production deal using demo material from the Michael Jackson sessions. Word got around and got back to the BIG man and all hell could've broken loose...thank goodness it didn't. Now the Jerkins camp claims things didn't happen quite that way but word is STILL that the Jerkins team was FIRED! So Darkchild is out and the due date for Michael's project is probably gonna be pushed back even further. Article by BET

    April 1, 2000: Michael Jackson has finally completed the recording of his song "I Have This Dream." The track was the longest project Michael ever worked on. It started three years ago and was mainly difficult to put together because it features a choir of famous figures of the last century. Michael's "I Have This Dream" is a reflection on the men that changed the world. The legal side of this project was the most complicated thing to complete. Michael's lawyers had to deal with the heirs of more than 55 politicians and artists. "The most difficult authorization to get was Elvis'" says lawyer Barry Grundman. "Strange enough, the easiest one was for the Emperor of Japan." Michael used Sony's new synclavier Vocodor-Techno to sample the voices of the famous people from audio clips and make them sing. This new technology had already been used in the Apple computer commercial last year. Among the great figures that Michael has listed are The Queen of England, Ghandi, Charles de Gaulle, Churchill and the Emperor of Japan. A special video is also in the work to accompany the release of "I Have This Dream." It will feature Michael performing on stage with his amazing choir. The video will also feature a special dance number where Michael invites each politician to perform their national dance with him. He will be seen dancing the Southern Bell dance with Abraham Lincoln, the traditional French valse with Charles de Gaulle and the British gigue with Queen Victoria of England. Of course, special effects will be used to generate the dance sequences as very few footage of the politicians while dancing exist. Source: PlanetJackson

    March 1, 2000: According to PlanetJackson, Sony Music International executives just had an important meeting where the release date of Michael Jackson's new album was discussed and four new songs premiered. As of now, a new schedule is on. The new album is now expected to be released by September 2000. Michael will be finishing the record into the summer and delivering it to the record company by early June at the latest. A first single from the album could then be released by August. This news is not part of a promotional announcement. Release date is subject to change depending on Michael's own recording schedule.

    February 18, 2000: Album postponed until 2001? Producer Rodney Jerkins gave an interview to an internet-service. One of the things Rodney Jerkins was quoted as saying was that Michael Jackson's new album wouldn't be coming out before the end of the year and could probably be postponed until early 2001. The fact is that there is no final release date for the new album as of now

    February 5, 2000: Producer Walter Affanasieff talked about the new Michael Jackson album: "That guy is seriously busy; he'll be in, like, 10 different studios with 10 different people. Just getting him to come in and finish is the thing. I'm halfway through my song with him, and I've just got to get him back in the studio." Afanasieff says Jackson seems to recognize that the stakes are high for his first effort of the new century, which Sony hopes to have ready for release later this year "He's got to come up with something brand-new, something people haven't heard from him," the producer explains. "He's got to stop with that little cry at the end of each sentence that he sings, each phrase. He's got to stop with that whole little finger-snapping flick of the wrist stuff. That's old. He's got to sort of reinvent himself. A few songs that I've heard, and especially the one I did, are real departures for him. That's the key; he just can't give us back what we've heard time and time again." Walter Afanasieff also said he is working on one track for the album, a Latin-flavored song called "Fall Again."

    February 4, 2000: Ian Brown heart the song which Michael Jackson recorded with Will Smith. Brown said, that Will Smith is rapping the first three minutes, after seven minutes MJ is heart first. He called it Jackson's best work for years.

    January 21, 2000: Michael Jackson is working on his new album once again with his long-time partner Bruce Swedien. The sound engineer recorded Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous and HIStory but was not able to join MJ for Blood On The Dance Floor due to other projects. "The Walrus" Swedien is on of the most famous engineers in business and received 3 Grammy's for Best Sound Engineer of the year (Thriller - Bad - Dangerous). According to statments the 66-year-old Swedien is working with his favorite artist.

    January 18, 2000:Producer/Songwriter Waltar Afanasieff. The LA Times reported he is currently writing/producing for Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Julio Iglesias and the rock band Train. Afanasieff, who worked with Stars like Mariah Carey, is responsible for many big hits including "My Heart Will Go On".

    January 13, 2000: published quotes from an interview with producer Rodney Jerkins. "I started working with him [Michael Jackson] in February. It looks like we're gonna be working this February, which will make it a year. But, it's all worth it, the whole year, because the stuff that we're doing is great, and we're gonna have a good year. It's been a while, and I think it's better that we take our time and not try to rush it, 'cause this is the most important album for him, you know, of his career." Asked about collaborations with other artists on the album, Jerkins said: "We got one real big one up our sleeve. We're trying to make it happen. We don't know if it's gonna happen -and if we do make it happen, it's gonna be one of the biggest records ever."
    Source: Launch

    January 5, 2000:Quote from Polly Anthony Polly Anthony, President of the Epic Records Group, was interviewed by the Hollywood Reporter in December. Polly Anthony runs and directs the activities of the Epic Group, which includes labels Epic Records, 550 Music and the Work Group. She oversees such talents as Celine Dion, Pearl Jam, Jennifer Lopez and Michael Jackson. Says Anthony: "I'm really excited about the new Michael Jackson album. It is a highly anticipated release and it's amazing." The forthcoming weeks will be crucial in determining the planning for the release of Michael Jackson's new album. Essential information to be delivered soon...
    Source: PlanetJackson

    December 23, 1999: Once again, Sony Music has postponed the working release date of Michael's new album. The album tapes won't be ready by January as originally expected. The record company is now hoping to release a single by April, and the album by May or June. The King of Pop is still in New York working on new tracks. To this day, he has recorded 75 new songs for the album.

    December 19, 1999: Desmond Child, who is a famous Cuban-American writer that has been on top of the pop business for the past 25 years, producing hit songs in divergent styles for many artists, is currently working on 2 tracks for MJ's new album. Some of Child's greatest hits as a writer/composer are Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca," Bon Jovi's "Livin' On A Prayer," Aerosmith's "Crazy," Michael Bolton's "How Can We Be Lovers" or Cher's "Just Like Jesse James," to name but a few.

    November 12, 1999: Missy Elliott attended the 1999 MTV Europe Music Awards in Dublin, where she also performed on with Mariah Carey, and said in an interview that she teaches Michael to rap. She is also working on a song with him. Note: It is still unkown which songs will appear on the new album

    October 28, 1999: Songwriter/Producer R. Kelly said in an interview that he has written a song called "Cry", but it's not sure if it will appear on the new album.

    October 14, 1999: Sony Music and Michael Jackson have set a new planning for the release of the album. Michael has three months and a half to finish the recording of his new album. He is now expected to turn in the tapes of the album on January 31st 2000 at the latest. A first single is planned for a release by the end of February, and the album should hit the streets by late March

    October 13, 1999: The German MJ Fanclub reported, that the two millenium shows in Sydney and Hawaii are cancelled. Michael wants to put all his energy in the new album and is probably preparing for a 2000 world tour
    (NOTE: MAMA Concerts made no official statment)

    August 25, 1999: The press-conference, which was scheduled for August 29, has been cancelled. Michael is too busy to attend, but he doesn't want to happen a press-conference without him. There are currently no plans to re-schedule it.
    (Source: PlanetJackson)

    August 21, 1999: PlanetJackson reported that Michael Jackson is working with HipHop Producer DJ Scratch.

    August 12, 1999: On August 29, a press-conference is held. It's not sure wheter Michael will attend or not. It was expected that concert-promoter Marcel Avram (MAMA Concerts) will announce plans for the two milleniums-concerts in Sydney and Hawaii. It is also possible that we will hear news from the album

    August 10, 1999: Various sources said that Will Smith recorded a rap solo for one of Michael's songs and Boyz II Men also worked again with MJ on songs. They also said in an interview, that MJ is working on a song with them on their new album.


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