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The HIStory World Tour Review

This concert in Munich was done on July 4, 1997. It was taped and aired on several TV stations. There were also taped a few other shows. It will be released as a home video.

After a spectecular video clip "Journey In Time", where MJ flies with a little space rocket thru the years, he lands on the stage. He kicks down the door of the rocket and a man in a golden suit and helmet walks slowly out. Scream begins, and Michael takes off his helmet. Than he performs the song with a few good dance moves. In the end of the song and with a few explosions 4 dancers are thrown out on the stage. After a military likely marching period, they do They Don't Care About Us with a good choreography. 2 dancers remain the do In The Closet, which is very good done. With all 4 dancers MJ starts Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' in a very raunchy way. His voice sounds really rough, though we're not used to hear it that way, it's so cool to listen to. The lights go out and Michael starts to perform Stranger In Moscow in the spotlight. The dancers now are alone on the stage. Then suddenly Michael comes out from under the stage, shooting with a MP the lights out and a big curtain falls down the stage, behind we see MJ's big silhouetthe.He does a few moves, and Smooth Criminal starts.The curtain falls down, and together with the dancers they do the same amazing moves as seen in the short film. Really a highlight of the show. The next song is You Are Not Alone. During the start of the second verse, a girl joins Michael on the stage, hugging and kissing him. She's then lugged away by one of the security agents. After the end of this one, MJ stands on the stage saying thank you to the crew and the fans. "Now we give you the old songs - the old fashion way!" says Michael with a laugh in his face. With the original dance moves of the 70's he and the dancers perform a Jackson 5 Medley, starting with I Want You Back and The Love You Save.You can see in his face how good he feels when doing the old songs. The lights go out again, the dancers leave and on the jumbotron you see old tapes of MJ and his brothers. With tears in his eyes and very emotional he does the entire I'll Be There. After this one, Michael comes with black pants and white shirt and a little suitcase back, which he puts on a little desk. He opens it and takes out the legendary outfit: black hat, white glove black glimmer jacket. He puts the outfit on, walks in the middle of the stage and snips with his finger. A white spotlight appears. He stands no in it, you can't hardly see him. Now he jumps very energetic in the light and the drum beat for Billie Jean starts. MJ does it like he's done it so many times, with amazing dance moves and showing the moonwalk. When the song is done, only the drum beat remains and now he dances like a robot. Finally he throws his hat into the crowd. A short version of his best known film introduces the next song: Thriller. After the first 2 verses, he puts on a mask and starts the dance from the video. In the end he goes into a little box, which starts to burn - but surprise, Michael's not in! He screams on the crane which lifts him over the crowd and Beat It begins. With the first verse starting MJ leaves the crane and goes back on the stage. When the guitar solo starts, the dancers come and play the two rivalised gangs. Then MJ stops the "fight" and they do the same choreography as in the video. "Now we're giving to you, Blood On The Dance Floor" says Michael and wears a cool blue glimmer jacket. He returns with a black suit and hat. He and the dancers perform Dangerous the same way as during the 1993 American Music Awards and the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards. Really great dance! After the Macauley Intro Black Or White starts. Michael jumps on the stage and performs it with so much energy. Behind him a wall of loudspeakers is build. While the guitar solo that ends the song, the dancers and Michael are just in front of the speakers - a big explosion and the speakers fall down on them. The next song is Earth Song. While MJ is singing children and their parents come on the stage. For the second part of the song he goes on the crane again. When back a tank comes out. A soldier jumps out of the tank and aims his gun at Michael. He stares at him - and the soldier puts down his gun. A little girls brings them a sunflower. Now a few images on the jumbotron are shown, while the music of We Are The World plays.Now Michael performs Heal The World. During the song a lot of children join him on stage. To the beats of They Don't Care About Us all the dancers are introduced to the crowd, also the musicians. Then Michael again in the golden suit comes back.Now HIStory, the last song, begins. His dancers swing flags on the stage, after the song the flags from all different countries are shown on the jumbotron. With a firework starting, Michael says good bye to the crowd and leaves the stage...


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