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The Dangerous World Tour

The Dangerous World Tour was announced as the most spectecular show of all time. 7 month after the release of the album Michael Jackson kicked off the tour in Munich on June 27, 1992 and concluded in Mexico City on Novemberember 7, 1993. Just before the tour MJ founded the Heal The World Foundation. He donated all the proceeds to HTW and other charities. After 69 concerts, Jackson cancelled the tour due to illness. Short before that he was accused of abusing children. During the tour he performed to more than 3.8 million people (Average: 55,071). The concert in Bucarest was taped and aired on HBO, winning a Cable Ace Award for the highest audience ever on any cable network.The final five concerts were all played in Mexico City to a total audience of 510,000 (!) people.

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