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Michael Jackson Solo

  • [EPIC Single & Album Charts (US & UK)]
    His first solo record that Michael Jackson released on EPIC was Off The Wall back in 1979.

  • [MOTOWN Single & Album Charts (US & UK)]
    Youn Michael was always the lead-singer of the Jackson 5 and released a couple of solo-records as well. Look how they did on the charts.

  • [Alternative Charts (US & UK)]
    Remember colloborations with stars like Paul McCartney? Here you can see how these records did on the charts

    With his brothers

  • [The Jacksons Charts (US & UK)]
    After leaving Motown the brother had success as The Jacksons.

  • [The Jackson 5 Charts (US & UK)]
    The Jackson 5 started their career with 4 consecutive #1 Hits in the US.


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